Friday, July 6, 2012

Another sign...

This is our front yard windows sill off of the bedroom. It seemed that this bird did not move for  days!

I love getting signs from Oliver. I haven't gotten one in a while but about a month ago, we had all of these birds around our house. In our front window sill right off the bedroom there was a dove nesting. We never actually saw the egg, but as we did research, the baby leaves the nest very soon after it is born with this type of dove. It was sad to see them leave but it was really cool to watch. Another sign of birth was happening in our backyard. The eggs cracked and we have pictures of the babies. The babies hatched when we planted the tree for Oliver's Hope Garden. We got to see them grow for about a week and I spotted when one of them flew out of the nest for the first time! So cool!  We are convinced it was a sign from Oliver letting us know that birth will have a happy ending and will happen for us one day....
This bird was in our backyard tree. You can see the mom feeding the little babies!


  1. These are really amazing! Oliver is definitely all around!! Make sure you try to keep you eyes open to the signs and life around you :)

  2. This brings me chills. I definitely believe that Oliver is sending signs of love and hope. It is wonderful that your heart is open to them. So much love!

  3. I found this quote on line and I think it fits

    Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.